Soppexcca, Nicaragua

Our Purchasing Director, Paul O’Toole first met Fatima Ismael, General Manager of SOPEXXCA in 2006 and we have been purchasing coffee from Fatima and her team since 2007.

Based around the City of Mists, Jinotega, in North East Nicaragua, there are 700 farmer members of the cooperative and Bewley’s buys a variety of coffee from the cooperative including Fairtrade and organic.

The Fairtrade social premium is used to fund productivity programmes, educational programmes for farmers and schemes to develop young members of the cooperative to become the farmers and leaders of the future.

We have also made donations to the cooperative. 7 years ago Bewley’s donated $10,000 to fund a building for the farmers at the coffee mill. This building is still vital and most recently it is being used by a small cooperative of women who work at the mill to develop energy bars to sell into the local market.

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