Respecting the environment
from source to cup
Spearheading Reusable Cup Research

Bewley’s has been working with industry partners on the sustainability of coffee cups for some time. An estimated 2.5bn disposable coffee cups are used in the UK each year, creating approximately 25,000 tonnes of waste.

According to recent research conducted by the University of Cardiff on behalf of Bewley’s, the use of disposable coffee cups could be reduced by 50 – 300 million annually. Conducted between September and December 2016, the most notable finding was that a discount on re-usable coffee cups had no impact on their usage, but a charge on disposable cups increased the use of re-usable coffee cups.

Louise Whitaker, Head of Marketing at Bewley’s UK, said, “There is a huge amount of waste being sent to landfill each year and promoting reusable cups is part of the solution. We know it may be difficult to persuade customers to change the way they drink their daily cup of coffee or tea, but as a company we are committed to working with our cup providers to find a solution to the problem.”


Here at Bewley’s we’d encourage everyone to invest in a reusable cup and use ceramics when sitting in a café or in the office.



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