Building a Sustainable Business

We support ethical certification, with many of our coffees having Fairtrade and or Rainforest Alliance certification. We also support many grower organisations by buying ‘relationship coffee.’ We call it this, as we have a direct relationship with these growers, we know their businesses and have visited them. These coffees are mutually beneficial, the growers receive a decent price and we receive fantastic quality coffees to roast and then pass on to our clients.

In our Eats & Drinks range we stock a range of Fairtrade and organic brands. We always prefer to support brands that have a positive social impact as it ties back to our founding Quaker values. Examples of brands that have a social purpose are: One World, Hippeas, One Water, Nero & Bianco.

One and Bewley’s – a life-changing partnership

Through the sale of One Water over the last ten years, Bewley’s UK and our customers, have funded water, hygiene and sanitation programmes across Malawi, Kenya, Angola, Lesotho and South Africa. In 2016 these donations surpassed £1.5 million, changing 350,000 lives as a direct result of our customers choosing One Water.

With the help of Bewley’s UK funding, in four years One have rehabilitated over 500 broken water pumps, providing safe, clean water to over 150,000 people.

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