Grumpy Mule
The Mule

Our range of Grumpy Mule coffees have been popular for years with many thousands of satisfied customers in coffee shops and at home around the country.

Grumpy Mule has a range of blends from our key partner producers. Their coffees are seasonally blended to specific award-winning taste profiles. Our range of beans and ground gives you access to some of the best coffees from the world’s finest growing regions.

All of our Grumpy Mule coffees score over 80++ which means every coffee in our Grumpy Mule range can be categorised as speciality grade coffee.

Alongside the evolving espresso blends, every three months we introduce a curated menu of four to five particularly special, rare, limited edition coffees. These coffees are ideal for use in speciality coffee sites, or alongside our foodservice coffees in a second grinder.

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